Tourism Victoria Double Life in Daylesford

Tourism Victoria has launched Double Life in Daylesford, an advertising campaign designed to promote the diverse experiences on offer in regional Victoria. Showcasing Victoria as the leading Australian destination for spa and wellbeing experiences, the interstate campaign raises awareness of Daylesford as the natural mineral springs ‘capital’ of Australia.

Isabel Lucas in Daylesford Victoria Tourism commercial

The television advertisement depicts Daylesford as a village perched on the edge of decadence and purity. Featuring Melbourne-born actress Isabel Lucas, the advertisement was filmed during April in key locations in and around Daylesford and the Macedon Ranges. Music is “Down to the River To Pray”, sung by Paris Wells supported by the Brunswick Women’s Choir.

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Filming locations in the ad were Alton Garden – Mt Macedon, Villa Parma, Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa, Cliffy’s Restaurant, Daylesford, The Convent Gallery, Lake Daylesford, Sault Lavender Farm, Wombat Park and Mt Franklin Park. Isabel Lucas appeared as Alice in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. The lead male (waiter) was played by George Byrne.

The Campaign

Daylesford. Lead a Double Life is an integrated campaign that will include public relations, television, cinema, online and print advertising elements to raise interstate awareness of Daylesford and position Victoria as the leading Australian spa destination.

The first screening of the television advertisement was ‘roadblocked’ on Sunday 16 August on all free-to-air networks in Sydney and Adelaide, and nationally on SBS and subscription television stations. Cinema screenings, supported by digilites, will focus on high profile and arthouse cinemas in Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Online activity will include search engine marketing, electronic direct mailouts, homepage buy-outs on nineMSN and the Fairfax network, banner ads on Yahoo!7, Gourmet Traveller, Harpers Bazaar and Fairfax news sites, and online promotion with Sydney Morning Herald.

The and pages on Tourism Victoria’s consumer website will also be further developed.

A 16-page magazine insert will appear in the New South Wales edition of the Good Weekend, in addition to print ads in national women’s fashion and food magazines.

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube


The Double Life campaign was developed at Publicis Mojo, Melbourne, by executive creative director Darren Spiller, art director Christy Peacock, copywriters Leon Wilson and Hilary Badger, agency producers Corey Esse and Tuesday Picken.

Filming was shot by director Mark Molloy via Exit Films with producer Wilf Sweetland, director of photography Greig Fraser and editor Rohan Zerna at The Butchery.

Post production was done at Digital Pictures and Iloura. Music was licensed at Level Two Music, produced at Electric Dreams and mixed at Gusto Music.

  • avanoudt

    I have watched this ad twice and could not gather what it was advertising – thus I visited the sight. As a Christian I find the idea of 'live a double life' with the Christian symbols very offensive. I have enjoyed visiting Victoria before but will definitely skip the state if this is what the state stands for. I will also send my comments to other Christian people.

  • avanoudt

    I have watched this ad twice and could not gather what it was advertising – thus I visited the sight. As a Christian I find the idea of 'live a double life' with the Christian symbols very offensive. I have enjoyed visiting Victoria before but will definitely skip the state if this is what the state stands for. I will also send my comments to other Christian people.

  • Margaret R*

    I like the music – have looked up the song, love it. Its obviously gospel related. However who would ever be baptised in a halter neck hot pants suit?!?
    Disrespectful to the tone of the song.
    Glad to hear the song, but don't think the song should be used for implying decadence and a double life when all the words talk about going down into the river to pray and begging the Lord to show the way to the crown of eternal life.

  • Margaret R*

    I like the music – have looked up the song, love it. Its obviously gospel related. However who would ever be baptised in a halter neck hot pants suit?!?
    Disrespectful to the tone of the song.
    Glad to hear the song, but don't think the song should be used for implying decadence and a double life when all the words talk about going down into the river to pray and begging the Lord to show the way to the crown of eternal life.

  • AndrewMihaleff

    Like Avandout I am a Christian and I too find this ad offensive. It projects a hypocritical and false message about Christianity. Also, viewers may know other Christians that struggle to live up to the call of Christ and therefore this ad could resonate with them, further damaging the reputation of the church.

    Food for thought: interesting that Christ is always the whipping boy, but somehow this is ok and yet it's not politically correct to mock any other religion? Maybe the advertisers are too gutless and the church is too soft a target… double standards.

    • JR

      This add isn't intended to promote Christianity, imho it is simply using the public image of Christianity to promote their product. The current image of Christianity comes from, well… the public behavior of church going Christians which is reflects the double life they live.
      Why make a parody of a minor religion in present day Australia, not a soft target – big target.

    • Luke

      Oh please, for Christ sake get off your high horses and live in the real world.
      I loved the add, the theme, the score and the visual. Well done!

    • mick

      christianity, is in itself hypocritical and contradictory. well thats what the tooth fairy told me. santa ageed and so did the easter bunny.
      really people, you lose all respect when you rant about illogical beings with blind faith. it’s a television ad for hospitallity, not a recruitment drive for religious zealots. get over yourself.

  • Eric

    Nice ad, didn't have clue what it was promoting or why though. I thought might be an ad for a new christian sect with less uptight sexual morals. (now THAT would be something new). Nicely filmed, beautifull girl (I do like the hot pants suit) but I don't see the relevance of the religous content. .

  • jaypea

    It's only because I googled 'Daylesford advertisement' and ended up here that I discovered what the ad was about – it's well filmed and the song is pleasant enough, but if it's meant to send a message to viewers, it's mixed. Could be an ad for some weird Christian sect OR a video clip for a music CD.
    It's one thing to be 'artistic' but if no-one knows what it's all about, it's a waste of money. Certainly there's nothing there to indicate (as I've now discovered) that it's about a place in Victoria, and I'm not sure that I want to visit if there are spaced-out looking young women wandering around in bare feet … very strange!

  • Joe

    Daylesford “double life” ad: probably the most pretentious ad I've ever seen. On first viewing, I thought the ad might be about . a 21st century girls college! (having never heard of a spa town of the same name).

  • Mat

    I had to google the ad to find out what Daylesford was – I thought it might have been an ad for a new housing development but the visit victoria splash at the end & national advertising made me think that wasn't the case. I'm not concerned about the christian angle of the ad but the inscrutablility. Its almost 'A single plum, floating in perfume, served in a man's hat' advertising. Look how artistic we are here in Victoria, you need to go online to see what we're advertising. A poor mans Bennetton-esque effort which has failed despite its lavish production values.

  • millie

    what is hte song called and who is it by ?

  • m

    this add is totaly demonic. The people who created this need a big wake up call. Live a double life alright…..they make us christians look like a cult who opperates both in Gods word and also indulge in the sinfull pleasures of the world. I think its discusting, what a waste of such a pretty place. Reminds me of a movie I watched called the wicker man. the town looked so pretty and peacefull but was really just a cover for a cult town. poor job victoria tourism.

  • You're right the major religion in Australia is atheism which has it's sole loyalty to satan.

    • Name

      Atheism is not a religion. And atheists do not believe in Satan, so how can they have loyalties to him?

      • Name

        Jesus: He who is not for me is against me.

        • Bill Baxter

          Religion is for those who need to be told what to do.

    • Dur

      No satan would be apart of your storybook I mean religion.

  • karen_cakes

    Nice imagery and all, but WHAT'S WITH THE CHRISTENING SCENE AT THE END. I'm an agnostic and the religious connotation is very offputting. Does this mean that if i visit Daylesford I'll be CHRISTENED!? Blimey, no thanks.

  • BBK

    relax people

  • Frankie

    Wait…did they have sex? or not.

  • Looks like the work of four brain dead imbeciles, three of whom have no experience outside the TV trash “Home and Away” and “The Simpsons” while the other had chanced upon a movie classic, the memories of which have become intercut wooden replications.

    Banal, shallow, superficial, uncultured pasts have with their impenetrable ignorance and ham fisted insensitivities have, it seems, self assessed as deep and meaningful enough to be and to convey contrasting life experiences and corresponding realities.

    Perhaps it was a commendable bourgeous concept has been appropriated to become another tarnished victim through execution by the peasants.

    Instead of a rich tapestry, they have produced a clumsy poor pastiche.

  • belle234

    I enjoyed the visuals in this advertisement as well as the song. I am christian. I didnt find it offensive. I didnt think it was really saying anything bad about Christianity but more that it is a place of tradition
    Sometimes I think we as Christians can get way over defensive of something that isnt even attempting to offend us. Im comfortable believing what I believe and having others believe what they do.
    Lead a double life to me just meant getting away from the crazy hustle and bustle of the city and work and into your own spiritual place (where ever that is for whoever you are). In my case it would be spending time with god

  • Andrew

    Great Ad, Great song. I have to laugh at the christians comments below though…really – just grow up!

  • Noidea

    Lead a double life? Purity however Daylesford is the magnet for lesbians? Purity!! go figure

    • Bill Baxter

      Hence the gorg in the clip.

  • Martin Wood

    Well done to all those involved in making this ad. It is the best bit of film making I have seen for years. I say this as a photographer who loves beautiful lighting and beautiful environments. This has it all. You would be up there with the best movie makers if you decided to get in to the movie business, maybe you are already.
    It is a shame about the comments from the religious sector, that they should see something that does not exist. Perhaps the problem is in their minds? Keep up the good work, I love it.

  • charlotte

    -great clip!-whats the name of the song on the sone with live a double life??

  • Kristy T

    This ad challenges people and I like it. Although at first I didn’t know what it was promoting, this ad is played so much on TV that you get the idea after a while.

    I like the messages it brings – of lust, indulgence, desire.

    All those saying it’s offensive to Christianity? I am not a Christian, but rather agnostic, and at no stage does this ad promote anything OVERTLY offensive to your religion. It appears you are perhaps a little closed-minded.

    Take off the conservative cloak for a minute, and appreciate what has been produced here.
    Admit that Christians also desire, lust and indulge. We all do.

    I’m sure some of you have worn dark lipstick, ‘frolicked’ in a meadow, swam in a stream (even with your husband/wife?).

    The actress in the ad is only as ‘promiscuous’ as you make her.

  • Andie

    Personally I found the sexualisation of baptism offensive.

  • Samantha

    Come off it!!!

    Just because she is in the pool means she is being baptised?? Get over it. It’s called the Hepburn Bath House – you know, you go there, you have a spa, you swim in the pool and you get spa treatments (hence the guy holding her in the water). Where was the priest? The church? The people standing around?

    Do you have a shower every day and call it a baptism??

    Wake up to yourselves and stop finding anything and everything to whine about.

  • Andrea

    Samantha, it is a baptism. You can tell by the way the man (priest? minister?) ducks her head in the water. I’ve never seen a spa treatment like that. Plus, the ad is set to a gospel song and the tagline is about “living a double life” – i.e. sin (food, alcohol, sex, excess) vs. salvation (white clothing, nature, baptism).

    Like others, I find this ad quite beautiful to look at, but absolutely creepy. I’m an atheist, so the religious theme doesn’t really offend me, but it does put me off.

  • Ms Jessica . C

    Beautiful song. That’s about the only good thing. “Lead a double life” – “Fence sitting” would be a better phrase to use. Baptism is about being reborn into a life with Christ. Who’s she fooling? Certainly not God.

  • Lily

    Ad did exactly what we wanted it to do. Made you take notice, compelled you to “google” it to find out what it was about. This is a “win”. Doesn’t matter if you hate it or love it. All we care is if you notice/tal about it. Job done.

  • Katie

    I’m sorry, I just find it really odd to say that this ad is offensive to Christianity. Its not about Christianity at all. If anything it seems to me to be reinforcing the idea that Christians are ‘pure’ because it uses Christian imagery to represent all the wholesome things about Daylesford.

    What you guys REALLY mean to say is that you shouldn’t lead a double life, that’s bad and so the ad should be condemned for trying to say that you should. NO WHERE does it explicitly imply that CHRISTIANS lead a double life in a bad way (whether or not they actually do). You guys are just majorly on the defensive. Relax, its not about YOU at all.

    Wait come to think of it, isn’t that the whole point of being born again anyways? The idea of leading of double life is, and has always been deeply rooted and built into the Christian tradition.

    By the way, I’m a Christian. Personally, I think the idea that Christians are somehow more ‘pure’ than everyone else is deeply offensive and quite frankly, un-Christian. I know that I am not particularly good or moral or kind or generous or even open-minded (just like everyone else when you really get close enough to see properly). That’s ok though because its not about ME, its about Jesus.

  • Sarah

    Just saw the advert for the first time and loved it…All the crazy folk below saying ‘it’s offensive’ grow up and get out of your crazy world.

  • Kendall

    A beautifully hypnotic ad. Love it!

  • T

    You christians who think it’s offensive need to stop thinking that everything’s about you! The ‘Lead a Double Life’ part obviously means take a break from your busy working life for a trip in the country, and become a more relaxed, happy person for a while! Also the part at the end is purely just her being in one of the many spas they have at Daylesford.

    I think the ad is great and really capturing. Well done to the producers! And Isabelle Lucas is amazing!

  • David

    Absolutely brilliant ad and the music is just WOW! I would have thought that ‘committed Christians’ would welcome the featuring of beautiful gospel music on a TV advertisement. It is certainly a big step up from the usual garbage we are exposed to on a daily basis.

    Very well done (and excellent marketing).

  • ME

    Born again, wow how did your mother feel about that?

  • Daniel

    As of the 4th September, living in Canberra, I saw this ad for the first time. As a Christian I found it overtly blasphemous. In this politically correct world it seems so many things are off limits, however ridiculing Christianity is not one of them. It is still open slather if your ad is anything to go by.

    As an ex-Victorian too, it will certainly not entice me to visit Daylesford again.

    In response to some previous comments, Christians are not close-minded or hypocritical. We simply recognise we’re all imperfect in God’s eyes and try and rectify that with God’s help through Jesus Christ. Your ad, deliberately confuses that message all for the sake of tourism of a town! Absolutely pathetic. Also, yes I love gospel music but using it to promote a secular attitude or lifestyle makes it is meaningless. Your ad has strived to contribute to that.

    As a Victorian for most of my life up to a little while ago, I visited Daylesford a few years ago with my wife and kept an open mind even though it had the modern reputation of at least being a trendy, yuppy retreat. I don’t deny it was lovely in many aspects however it spoke volumes to me when in the location, traditional church buildings were made into cafes and people are supposed to be more spiritually enlightened by dunking themselves in water that comes from underground.

    Victorian Tourism and the ad creators, you’re going to offend a lot of people and not particularly increase your tourism numbers in the process. Very poorly thought through. I recommend you pull the ad from circulation sooner rather than later.

  • Jill

    Brilliant Brilliant Advertisement. On first seeing i thought it was a start of a movie until i started to recognise some of the locations. It is close to where I live and depicts acurately the diversity of the regions, even if not all locations filmed where in Daylesford but they were still part of the Macedon Ranges. The ad is haunting and certainly got my attention and has given me a new appreciated understanding of my shire. It does exactly what it is supposed to do and I can not see any relation to any religions. If you choose not to visit the area because of your religious beliefs and dissatisfaction of the theme chosen in the ad then you will be missing out on a unique and beautiful region that has passion for the enviornment and understanding and tolerance of all religions and nationalities.

    This ad has nothing to do with religions. It used locations, music and environment to capture peoples interest. As for using churches for restaurants…. that is not just Victoria, take a look around the world it is done everywhere. Probably a way to avoid demolishing these beautiful buildings and saving them for future generations to enjoy. There was some creative licence in the ad but that then again depicts the regions…

  • Cherie

    The ad fails because it is unclear what it is selling. Until I saw the map of Victoria, I thought it was an ad for a winery…Italy or perhaps the Hunter Valley. The reference to a double life is not successful as it more comes across as a girl living in a bizarre cult like world surrounded by normal people..poor ad, strange concept to sell a place with..

  • Cherie

    I agree..It lacks the key ingredient of an ad..the part about information about the product you are selling. Nice song but so are the songs on MTV..It has got to be more than entertaining to sell something…details, details, details..

  • Peter

    you state “53 responses” – does that mean you have counted some twice, just as you have printed so many twice on this page??

    I’m an atheist, but must admit I was a little confused with the ambiguous/ambivalent/confused?? imagery and message. The only reason I twigged to the ad in the end was because I come from Vic and know the town.

    Again, although an atheist, found the music and performance of same very beautiful and haunting.

    was disappointed after checking out Paris Well’s website that this is not her normal style: she could become another Enya-like phenomenon if she released an album in this vein.

    Cheers All!!

    • Hi Peter. You’re right – 9 comments became doubled up for some reason. It may have happened when we moved the database to a new server recently. Quite funny that the story on the double life had this strange phenomenon. I’ve gone back and deleted the doubles. The number of responses also includes pingbacks or trackbacks from other sites.

  • patricia

    shame on you all for putting such an add on the tele….i will never go there….shame on the lucas girl..hope she isnt related to my family…for doing that add…i used think she was beautiful…but that add…brings out the worst in her.,. i know that sounds mean…but she dosent even lick her finger like a professional..if thats what you all wanted to achieve…trying to copy the amedricans eh wot??

  • leah

    Well first of all this advertisement is not anything to do with religions. It is a country town that you visit referred to as spa country because what everyone seems to think of the end scene that she is being baptized, NO you couldnt be more wrong she is in a hot spa, as there are many mineral springs around the Daylesford and Hepburn Springs region. The live a double life slogan is meaning how different Daylesford is during the day to how it is at night ! you really need to go there and experience the area before making judgments !

  • AnthonyB


    Do people often go into Spa’s fully dressed in white and get dunked under water in that particular way? You clearly have never seen an adult immersion baptism performed, it is clearly what they are deliberaterly mimicing.

    I find the add troubling, our culture has lost much of the concept of the sacred. However I intend to contact the people responsible and ask for clarification on what they meant. My baptism at 16 was one of the most meaningful events of my life, my intial feeling (and I’m, entitled to my own response) is that the add mocks that ritual.

    This is democrary, they are free to make those adds. I am free (if I’m not happy with their response to my queries) to never bother going to their town. Anyway currently I’d rather spend my money supporting places like Marysville recover from the fires.

  • Tony Munro

    I’ve travelled through Victoria including the beautiful Daylesford featured in your latest TV ad.

    I’m not your manic depressive, more your glass half-full optimist, but I must say I’m puzzled, even disturbed by the ad.

    The mournful backing track and the girl descending into an indoor darkened pool reminded me of Nick Cave/Kylie Minogue (Eliza Jane) clip where he leads her down to the water and drowns her in the river.

    There are definite suicide overtones as the girl, never smiling, looks as if she is accepting a watery fate.

    I’m sure the message you want is not “See Victoria and you’ll want to commit suicide!” Maybe it is!

  • Steve

    Definitely a very odd ad for Daylesford. For those that live there it’s virtually unrecognisable – and rather creepy!

  • ric matthews

    i have watched the add many times because it is the best add on tv for such a long time it is so good we are leaving in the first week of nov. for a 8 day stay.the only thing that upsets me is to find so many people with out a decent thought in there head living in gods own country australia..the two things that we should get rid of are politics and religions

  • ric matthews

    This is Ric Matthews housemate – Reading these comments, it seems that god botherers dont have a sense of humor, LIGHTEN UP PEOPLE, the ad and music is great.

  • Keets

    Why do religious people get offended so easily?

    Anyway it’s a beautiful ad & I adore this song, I really feel refreshed whenever I see it on tv hahaha. I love Victoria so much I can’t wait to visit again.

  • Paul

    This ad’s been around for a while now, & i was just trying to look up who sang the song;

    Yes, everybody’s entitled to an opinion, but, my god, (yes, pun intended), the religious zealotry, the suicidal undertones, these are disturbing, not the ad itslef! I guess the Hillsong cult will try to put roadblocks in place to daylesford, & start picketing tourism victoria’s offices now

    I was raised in the church, but made my own mind up about religion; I ain’t religious, but I can appreciate this genre, as much as the other diverse tastes I have in music;

    It’s a song people; it’s an ad to get people to visit a beautiful part of the state; there’s no subliminal messages; just appreciate it for what it is;

  • Bill Baxter

    How insecure are these religious fanatics that they misinterpret everything.