Total Eclipse of the Heart Literally

Remember Dustin McLean’s Literal Version of the Aha music video, Take On Me? Now DASjr (David Scott Jr) and Persephone Maewyn (Felisha Noble) have produced a hilarious literal version of the Bonnie Tyler music video for Total Eclipse of the Heart. The clip has gone viral with over a million hits since it was posted on May 25.

Emo Kid throws bird in Total Eclipse of the Heart music video

Random use of candles, empty bottles, and cloth, and can you see me through this fan? Slo-mo dove. Creepy doll, a window and what looks like a bathrobe. Then a dim-lit shot of dangling balls. Metaphor? And so it goes…

The original music video for “Total Eclipse of the Heart” was released in 1983. Jim Steinman, composer and producer of the song, story boarded the video and called on the talent of Australian film director Russell Mulcahy, known for his music video for Video Killed the Radio Star by The Buggles. Drawing inspiration from the science fiction film Future World, the video shows Bonnie Tyler walking through a fantasy about students in a boys’ boarding school. Filming was shot at Holloway Sanitorium, a popular London venue for music videos in the early 1980s.