Tom Jones Give A Little Love in Cartoon Form

Welsh singer Tom Jones appears in a black and white cartoon form in the music video for his latest single, Give a Little Love. Taking a break from his ladies man image, Tom Jones turns up in a 1920s style silent toon. Tom Jones gets out of bed to do his good turns for the day, including putting out a fire, getting a one-legged busker back on his feet, helping an old lady across the street. Finally he arrives at his concert where he wows the ladies, including Betty Boop.

Tom Jones cartoon

Click on the image below to play the video.


Give A Little Love was produced at Pulse Films, London, by directors EMMA (Ian Bonhote) and Del (Steve Dell) with producer Fiona Stuart-Bamford. Animation was done at RJDM, London. The Tom Jones character was designed at Birdo Studio, Sao Paulo, Brazil.