Tim Cahill a Weetbix Kid in Opera

Qantas Socceroo midfielder Tim Cahill is appearing in a new television commercial for Weetbix, associated with the Sanitarium’s extension of sponsorship of the Qantas Socceroos and the Hyundai A-League for a further three years. When Cahill is awarded a free kick the opposition (Italians?) break into song.

Tim Cahill a Weetbix Kid in Opera commercial

“You’re not strong enough, Not fast enough,
Not smaaaaaart, you are too small,
You will never score.

On the sidelines are the Weetbix Kids distracting the opposition…

“You forgot one thing, an important thing.
Watch out for the thing!!”

“What thing? what thing? theres a thing? whats the thing? WHAT THING?”

Tim has been a Weet-Bix Kid since December 2005 and has since become synonymous with Weet-Bix as an iconic Weet-Bix Kid. Cahill said that he is looking forward to being actively involved with Weet-Bix over the next few years.

“Like most kids in Australia, I grew up on Weet-Bix”, said Cahill. “I have aspired to be a great footballer but to be chosen as a Weet-Bix Kid is something I never would have imagined. I start my day with five Weet-Bix because it provides long lasting energy and the right nutrients to perform at my best. I would eat Weet-Bix anyway whether they pay me or not,” said Cahill. “It’s great to be a Weet-Bix Kid”.


The new Weetbix Kid shoot was developed at BWM (Belgiovane Williams Mackay) by executive creative director Rob Belgiovane, creative director Rocky Ranallo, art director Michael O’Rourke, senior copywriter Tim Bloore, head of production Damien Whitney.

Filming was shot by director Hamish Rothwell via Goodoil Films with director of photography Jac Fitzgerald and producer Juliet Bishop.

VFX was produced at Fin Design & Effects. Editor was Bernard Garry at The Editors. Music was produced by Elliot Wheeler at Turning Studios.