Tide Light Bulbs for a Brighter Wash

Tide bleach is presented as the way to a brighter wash in this print advertising campaign from China featuring trousers, a robe and a shirt made of glowing light bulbs. The three print advertisements won a Bronze Press Lion at Cannes International Advertising Festival 2009.

Tide Trousers advertisement with light bulbs

Tide Shirt advertisement with light bulbs

Tide Robe advertisement with light bulbs


The Brighter Wash campaign was developed at Saatchi & Saatchi, Guangzhou, by chief creative officers Edmund Choe and Andy Greenaway, executive creative director Ng Fan, creative directors Au Kin Cheong and Wendy Chan, copywriter Arthur Tsang, advertiser’s supervisors Kevin Crociata, Suzanne Watson, Mark Christenson, account supervisors Ann Jingco, Molly Nunlist-Young, Pully Chau, art directors Ng Fan, Wendy Chan, Wang Zong Liang, Huang Yan. Photography by Gao Shi Yuan was retouched by Guo Jin Xing and James Chan.