Think Drug Driving in the Eyes

The Department for Transport in the UK has launched a new advertising campaign tackling drug driving. The campaign informs users that police are able to tell that they’ve been using cannabis, cocaine or ecstasy based on the state of their eyes. The campaign, online at Think, includes posters, a television and online commercial, a screensaver and a pair of festival glasses.

Drug Driving Eyes in Think advertisement

Think Cannabis Eyes poster

Think Cocaine Eyes poster

Think Ecstasy Eyes poster

Think Cannabis Eyes poster

The TV Advert

Young adults have their eyes enlarged by the Mill visual effects team to accentuate the threat of discovery by police.

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube

Click on the image below to play the Making-Of video in YouTube


The Drug Drive campaign was developed at Leo Burnett London by executive creative director Jon Burley, creatives Andy Drugan and Ed Morris, account director Richard Bookey, agency producer Emma Bewley.

Filming was shot by director Ringan Ledwidge via Rattling Stick with producers Gemma Smith and Sally Humphries.

Post production was done at The Mill, London by Lead 2D artist Barnsley and colourist Mick Vincent. Editors were Richard Orrick and Art Jones at Work Post.

Sound was produced by Aaron Reynolds at Wave Studios. Music was composed by Warren Hamilton.

  • exchangeandmart

    Hmm, while I very much support the campaign, i'm not sure how successful it will be on its own. I just read in the car news section at Exchange and Mart that Peterborough council are releasing a series of adverts where victims of drug driving talk about real-life cases. I reckon they might be more effective, similar to the shocking drink drive ads that demonstrated the devastating effects it can have. The “eyes” adverts don't really convey that same message

    • because driving on MDMA as seems to be depicted on this advert is probably not dangerous, not that I’ve tried it myself. You’re very sober on MDMA, just more euphoric.

      I doubt anyone has died because of it so I don’t see how a campaign would work llike tthat.

  • Timothy Julian

    I have drug eyes all the time even though I havenĀ“t used any stimulate including caffeine!