The Sneeze in South Australia

South Australians are being encouraged to get a flu shot in a television commercial launched by the South Australian Department of Health. The advertising campaign shows a number of sneezes slowed down enough to demonstrate the need to visit

The Sneeze

It all starts with a tickle. The tickle becomes an itch. Eyes start to water and nostrils flare. Eyeballs slide back into eyelids, heads roll around on their axes, gazes become fixed on the horizon. And then it happens. A sharp intake of breath, and then … an explosion at 165km/hr, globular debris and waste material fly upwards and outwards, splashing across things and people near and far.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Sneeze was created at Jamshop, Adelaide, by creative director Jim Robinson, copywriter Steve Callen, agency producer Heather McBride.

Filming was shot by Ernie Clark via Spirit Films, Adelaide with producer Annalise Menzel. Clark used the Phantom HD camera to catch his flu shots at 1000 frames per second.

Post production was done at Oasis Post. Music was produced by Timms Tunes.