The Puppet Show Children in Milan

The Puppet Show is an artistic project by Italian photographers Winkler+Noah (Romina Raffaelli and Stefano Marini). The duo took natural portrait photographs of thirty children ranging from two to eight years old, then transformed the images into dolls through subtle retouching. The resulting exhibit in Milan provides a starting point for reflection, sociological research and introspection, helping us better understand ourselves and the world around us. We’re called to realise that the best present we can give to children is to let them be children.

Giacomo in The Puppet Show

How can we forget the scent of dolls? A smell of plastic mixed with vanilla, with an after-taste of Roberts talcum powder, that enchanted you at the first encounter. You felt you could eat them. Their names were Sissy, Corolle, Dennis and Stellina. There they were in the play-room, you pressed a button and like magic some sang, some walked and others did a pee. They had blue or brown eyes, with those mechanical eyelids that closed when you laid them down. But sometimes they stuck and the eyes stayed open even when they slept. Their hair was curly or straight, red, black, fair or blue. Until the day a jealous little brother cut it all off. Now, years later, you find the same faces here. They look at you with the same big eyes.

Liera in The Puppet Show

Beatrice in The Puppet Show

The photo of Beatrice, the blonde child whose portrait is the symbol of the show, has already received two of the most important awards on the international photographic scene: American Photography of New York and publication in the volume “200 Best Photographers Worldwide” by Luerzers Archive.

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