The Puma Index for Financial Underwear

Puma AG, the German sports clothing company, is promoting Puma Bodywear with The Puma Index, an interactive application designed to lighten the impact of the current economic recession. Launched initially as an app for the iPhone and iTunes, the Puma Index has models taking off and putting on clothes in response to the DOW, DAX and S&P/ASX 200 indexes. When the market goes down the male and female models’ clothes come off to reveal their Puma Bodywear underwear. When the market recovers, back go the Puma clothes.

Puma Index iPhone

“We’ve seen a lot of branded applications and a lot of them play it too straight down the middle,” said Antonio Bertone, Puma’s chief marketing officer. “We thought that if we could do this right and have models take off clothes when the market was going down, this could really work.”

The app, which will get you a 20 percent discount if you show it at a Puma store, is downloadable at iTunes or A web application of the “Puma Index” will launch soon at

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Puma Index campaign was developed at Droga5.

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