The Milkman Priceless

The Milkman, a short film featuring a suburban hit man in the 1950s, is being promoted with what appears to be a banned Mastercard commercial. The 16 minute film, based on real events from the 1950s, was produced by Mark Nicholson as an undergraduate senior thesis at the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts at Chapman University in Orange, California. Now working with Eyepatch Films, Nicholson is aiming at turning the short film into a feature film.

The Milkman Priceless Ad

A retired hitman named Homer, now selling milk, finds himself in financial trouble. In order to save his family, he joins forces with Johnny, a local Irish gangster, and returns to the dark life of an assassin. When his family is jeopordized by the powerful Mr. Chow, he must make a choice between saving his life and that of his family. The Milkman was based on the life of Nicholson’s great grandfather. His grandmother is portrayed as Georgia in the film.

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The Milkman concept is taken into the commercial realm with a Mastercard Priceless treatment. The cost of a bottle of milk. $2. A crate of milk. $7. The look on his face? Priceless.

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The Milkman was produced by director/writer/editor Mark Nicholson, executive producers Barbara Nicholson, Georgia Lauchland and Rudy Schuh, script supervisor Hiro Kamegaya, producers Marcie Nicholson, Ross and Matt Duffer, assistant director Mike Cersosimo, cinematographer Annie Wildmoser, production designer Rhianon Gutierrez. Sound was mixed by Alex Lotz. Music was by Akira Wing. Sound was edited by Laura Aiken.

The Milkman features Christopher Lohr (Homer), Andrea Brodkin, Brandon Shim, Dave Nicholson, David Allen Graf, Debbie Kagy, Douglas MacPherson, Evan Carnes, Jagger Chase, Lauren Ruggeri, Melissa Zanit, Nathan Giese, Peggy Nicholson.

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