The Inspiration Room Ranked and Analyzed

The Inspiration Room Daily is now Number 41 in the AdAge Power 150, which ranks 1066 marketing blogs from around the world. We’ve been ranked on Todd Points (12 out of 15 given by Todd Andrlik for value and design), Postrank (37 out of 50 for social networking – comments, Twitter, links, Stumbleupon etc), Yahoo Inlinks (17 out of 30 for links from other sites), Collective Intellect Rank (30 out of 30 for authoritative content), and Alexa Rank (17 out of 30 for Traffic Rank). The AdAge Power150 has recently removed the Technorati and Bloglines categories, as both ranks have become unreliable.

Blog Ranked 41Thanks everyone for helping us make The Inspiration Room the destination and thoroughfare that it is today. We appreciate the content people send in, and the comments people make in response to our stories and features. We’re encouraged by the links, Tweets, Diggs and Stumbleupon recommendations. Keep it coming! Judging from the scores listed above we’ve made some significant progress, but have room to improve. We need you as readers to stick around and help us grow the Inspiration Room community.

Here’s a few interesting stats relating to the last 200,000 visits to The Inspiration Room, from our Google Analytics page…

Top Browsers

Mozilla Firefox 45.68%
Internet Explorer 33.43%
Safari 11.41%
Chrome 6.06%
Opera 2.08%

Top Ten Countries

United States 35%
United Kingdom 10.3%
Australia 9.63%
Canada 4.8%
Germany 2.82%
India 2.6%
France 1.86%
Brazil 1.68%
New Zealand 1.36%
Indonesia 1.31%

Top Sources

Google (organic) 44.49% (referral) 11.98%
Direct 8.67%
Yahoo (organic) 2.56% (referral) 2.31% (referral) 1.73%
Bing (organic) 1.49% (referral) 1.25% (referral) 1.09% (referral) 1.07%

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