The Inspiration Room Daily in 2009

Those who read The Inspiration Room Daily every day would have noticed that the first three weeks of January had a lighter pace than usual. We had two posts a day, instead of the usual five, and the Site of the Day feature was put on hold. It’s all due to a much needed offline holiday for the editor. Posts were produced in advance, timed to go out each day. However Duncan is back now, fired up and ready to go.

The Inspiration Room Coming in 2009

The Inspiration Room Daily blog was launched on August 18, after five years as Duncan’s TV Ad Land, joining up with the emerging creative portal, The Inspiration Roomâ„¢. In the five months since, we’ve achieved our goals of recovering Alexa ranking (now 52,970), Technorati ranking (now 21,537 and improving by the day), and RSS subscribers (now 1100, half of whom subscribe via email). Now we’re set to grow…

Goals for 2009

Goals for 2009 include the development of a blogging team, the strengthening of the commenting community, and growing partnerships with the creative industry.

The blogging team will cover digital marketing, social networking, design and photography, along with reviews of TV/cinema/online video, print/outdoor, interactive, music videos, ambient/experiential and direct marketing. We’re looking for regular contributors (daily to weekly), guest (one off) bloggers, and monthly columnists. This blog is an enterprise that is funded largely by passion and perseverance – and so we’d be only providing, at this point at least, the offer of blogging experience and kudos in return for words written.

For a blog with over 3000 stories we get very few comments at present. We need your feedback on what would help improve this. The challenge is to provide an interactive environment that does justice to our focus on developing a world standard for inspiration. How do we urge each other on to greater heights, rather than tearing each other apart?

Each day we receive notes from PR companies, agencies, film production, sound and music companies with suggestions for work to be covered in The Inspiration Room Daily. It’s great to have the opportunity to be in conversation with you, as we’re able to provide a more meaningful coverage of your work. Send your work by email (, Skype (Postkiwi), and Facebook, or use our contact form. We are working behind the scenes at The Inspiration Roomâ„¢ to develop an interactive community environment for the creative industry, which will make it a lot easier to be in touch with one another.

We have a number of resource reviews coming up this year, covering books and films relating to the creative industry. Contact us if you would like your work to be included.

Advertising on this site has until now largely focused on the Google Adsense framework. We have been experimenting with more significant partnerships with major developers, beginning with Adobe, whose banner ad appears in the sidebar over the next month. Once again, contact us if you’re interested in a conversation.

We recently introduced the “Country” feature, in which a small flag-based badge appears at the top of each new post. Click on the flag to see other stories from the same country.

Your Feedback Valued

Over the past few months we’ve had a “Daily” feature in the sidebar, ranging from “Photographer of the Day”, through to “Site of the Day”. Did anyone find that useful? What would you like us to include in the future?

As we develop the Inspiration Room as a significant portal for the creative industry we’re interested in the needs of emerging talent alongside veterans. What would you see as important in the future of and

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