The FA Whatever Your Level

The Football Association in the UK is encouraging Brits to get involved with their local soccer team with 11 vs 11, an advertising campaign featuring a response to Nike’s Take It To The Next Level television commercial.

Sponge in FA 11 vs 11

“The whistle goes, the game is underway. This is your time, nothing else matters. A great pass, a bit of skill, a crunching tackle, a sublime goal. Football is about great moments, the physical battle, the mental challenge, the friendships, the rivalries. But the good times don’t come easy. You’ll need to train hard, work for your team and earn every small victory. It’s worth getting out of bed for. It’s worth rushing home from work for. Whatever your level, there are 30,000 men’s eleven-a-side teams out there registering players now for the new season. They need players like you, so don’t miss out.”

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Whatever Your Level campaign was developed at Dare Digital by creatives Dipesh Mistry and Rob Graves-Morris with agency producer Fiona Renfrew.

Filming was shot by director Ron Scalpello via Rogue Films with producer James Howland.