The Cooperative Blowing in the Wind

The Cooperative in the UK has launched a 2:30 TV advert featuring “Blowing In the wind”, sung by Bob Dylan. The television commercial, developed by McCann Erickson, London, shows dandelion seeds floating across the UK and Africa, symbolising the many ways in which the company’s ethical work is “good for everyone”.

Boy holds dandelion in The Cooperative TV advert

The “Blowing in the Wind” TV advertisement, aired for the first time during Coronation Street on February 16, points to The Cooperative’s agricultural work, operation of eight wind turbines, sponsorship of walking bus schemes for children, funding of research into global climate change, use of responsible sources of fish, carbon offsetting and engagement in Fairtrade practices.

A voiceover runs: “From community projects to a share of the profits, renewable energy to Fairtrade products, the Co-operative believe that when the benefits are passed around it’s good for everyone.”

Music is the track, “Blowing in the Wind”, released on 1962 album The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan.

Click on the image below to play the video.

View the ad at The Cooperative and The Guardian.

Bob Dylan has rarely allowed the use of his material for a UK commercial. He apparently made an exception in this case because of the connection with ethical and fair-trade approach to business.