The Chicago Tribune Delivering a Better Chicago

The Chicago Tribune has been running a print advertising campaign outlining the difference a newspaper with integrity can make to the community. A 21-gun salute is a sign of honor. 21 shootings in a neighborhood is a cry for help. Some guardians of cities go the cape and tights route. We prefer notepad and ballpoint. Degreasing palms since 1847. Some school officials may be influenced but we don’t care who your daddy is. When a hospital looks at your tumor and diagnoses it as low-profit, we have a problem. Covering the stories you need to know.

Chicago Tribune on Shootings

Chicago Tribune Cape and Tights ad

Chicago Tribune Degreasing Palms ad

Chicago Tribune School Officials ad

Chicago Tribune Hospital Bed ad


The Chicago Tribune campaign was developed at Juniper Park, Toronto, by chief creative officers Terry Drummond, Alan Madill, Barry Quinn, copywriter Tom Greco, art director Colin Brown, print producer Mark Prole, group account director Agatha Wronecka, account director Dion Aralihalli and president Jill Nykoliation.

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