Thanksgiving Replay Fueled by Gatorade

Gatorade has sponsored the replay of a football game between the Easton High Red Rovers and the Phillipsburg High State Liners, two rival football teams whose Thanksgiving Day 1993 game ended in a tie. The original 1993 team members (now in their 30s) were given the chance to square off again. In a campaign developed by TBWA a one hour documentary shows the return of the original players, their coaches, cheerleaders and even band members. The documentary, Replay, will premier on Fox Sports Network on Sunday, foreshadowing a series created by TBWA Chiat, Gatorade and Fox over the next year.

Football player with Gatorade bottle in Replay documentary

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The Replay campaign was developed at TBWA/Chiat/Day, Los Angeles, by global director of media arts/executive producer Lee Clow, chief creative officer Rob Schwartz, group creative director Jimmy Smith, executive producer Jimmy Smith, associate creative director/copywriters Brent Anderson and Steve Howard, senior producer Brian O’Rourke, associate producer Tim Newfang, interactive art directors Peter Reid and Katie Meza, interactive copywriter Adam Nowak.

Filming was shot by director Kris Belman and Scott Balcerak at Caviar with executive producer Michael Sagol and Rosanne Korenberg, line producer Johanna Woollcott, production supervisor Holli Hanley, director of photography Adam Ballachey.

Editors were Scott Balcerak and David Baum at B House Films with assistant editor Tom Moser, digital film colorist Michael Mintz, post producer Johanna Woollcott.

  • Brian Wendel

    Love the REPLAY program .. and TBWA/Chiat/Day – Gatorade has done a tremendous job .. A potential REPLAY #2 ?? .. Phoenix: Brophy vs. Marcos .. this article says it all .. .. join the FB fan page …

  • Scott Barry

    Gatorade and Chiat Day stole this idea. A series called Glory Days was registered with the WGA a year before they came out with Replay and pitched to sports networks including ESPN and other reality show producers in Los Angeles. It focused primarily on football but included other sports like hockey and soccer and listed Gatorade itself as the number one sponsor. How’s that for originality?