Thanksgiving for Heart Operations

Thanksgiving has a whole different meaning when that’s the day you came back to life. That’s the message in this print advertisement from Massachusetts General Hospital Heart Center. “While playing football with his family on Thanksgiving Day, 61 year old Richard Kezima felt a terrible pain in his chest. He blacked out and fell to the ground. He had suffered sudden cardiac death, but was revived and quickly taken to Mass General. There, heart specialists immediately performed an emergency 5-vessel bypass. Richard made a complete recovery. And Thanksgiving Day truly became a day to give thanks. Keep reading for the other four in the campaign.

Thanksgiving with Meaning

Marathon Runner with Pain

A marathon runner was in so much pain it hurt to run. But it hurt more for her to stop.

Mother's Last Words

A mother’s last words shouldn’t come before her child’s first.

Massachusetts  General Heart Device

How do you build a long-lasting relationship with a patient? You build a device that keeps them alive.

Massachusetts Come Back

A college football captain died. Then he played the following season. How’s that for a comeback?


The Thanksgiving campaign was developed in 2008 by Devito/Verdi, New York, by creative director Sal Devito, copywriter Deniz Yegen, art directors Manny Santos and Elinor Buchler.

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