Thai Insurance Melody of Life

Thai Life Insurance reminds us how valuable life is with “Melody of Life”, a television commercial featuring a family living on the streets of Bangkok. Maa Thoy (แม่ต้อย), abandoned by her husband, takes in the children she finds on the street and teaches them to appreciate life: Kitty, a victim of a broken family, Mack, a polio victim, and Toe, a street thief. Toi has cancer and may only have two years left to live but she is happy to have the chance to invest in her children with a message about value in life.

Melody of Life commercial

Have you ever asked yourself, what makes life worthwhile? The woman’s name is Thoy. She’s poor. Abandoned by her husband. There’s Kitty, from a broken home. There’s Mac, with polio. Hia Tho, a thief. All the children have the same mother, Maa Thoy. She adopted these children. Maa Thoy has cancer. She has less than two years left to live. But she said that she’s lucky. She still has two years to do so many more things. She taught the children that a life that’s worthwhile is not about riches, pride or longevity. But a worthwhile life is a life that gives us value and makes other lives valuable. Thai Insurance see the value of every life.


The Thai Insurance Melody of Life ad was developed at Ogilvy & Mather, Bangkok, and directed by Thanonchai Sornsriwichai via Phenomena, Bangkok.

Music is “Kazamidori” by guitar duo Depapepe (Takuya Miura and Yoshinari Takuoka).

Melody of Life won a Gold Lotus for Best of Corporate at Adfest 2009.