Terminix Roach in News

Terminix, an American pest control company, is inserting fake cockroaches in newspapers to remind readers about how easy for houses to be infested. The large roach can be pulled out of the newspaper to reveal a message, “All it takes is a small crack for a cockroach to enter your home”.

Terminix Roach

The new season of UK football on Sky Sports and Sky Terrestrial networks has been kicked off with “Start of Season”, a TV advert designed to pick up the emotions felt by football fans everywhere.

Terminix Roach


The Terminix Roach insert was developed at Publicis, Dallas, by creative directors Pete Voehringer and Steve Grimes, art director Dustin Taylor, copywriter Andrew Beckman, photographer Scott Harben, executive creative director Shon Rathbone and general creative director Julia Melle.

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