Teleflora Talking Flowers

Teleflora, the floral delivery and brokering service, presents its bouquet approach in contrast to ‘flowers in a box’ in this television commercial designed for the Super Bowl 2009.

Talking flower in Teleflora commercial

Diane has flowers delivered to her in a box, handed to her by one of her male office colleagues. Everything is fine until she opens the box and discovers a flower with a nasty mouth. The flower ruins the Valentine’s Day gesture with references to her romance novels and her fat smelly cat, and the suggestion that no one wants to see her naked.

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Although this is the first Teleflora Super Bowl commercial, the company has previous advertisements using the talking flower theme.


A philosophy major receives a box of flowers from her siblings. The talking flowers reveal just what she thinks they think of her…

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A woman in the maternity ward receives a box of flowers from her colleagues at the office. The talking flowers present all her fears about what they’re thinking right now.

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The Talking Flowers campaign was developed at The Fire Station, Teleflora‘s in-house agency, by creative director Liz Loew, copywriter Josh Bloomberg, art director Phil Mimaki and agency producer Julie Fields.

Filming was produced at RSA Films, LA/NY.

Post production and effects were developed at Asylum by VFX supervisor Mitch Drain, Lead VFX/Inferno artist Chris Moore, executive producer Michael Pardee, producer Diana Cheng.

Editor was Megan Bee at Butcher Edit, with producer Chrissy Hamilton.