Target Every Colour You Can Dream Of

Target Australia has launched “Every Colour You Can Dream”, a television advertising campaign promoting their sale, August 6 to 13. Inspired by Oren Lavie’s music video for Her Morning Elegance, the 30 second and 60 second commercials show a young woman sleeping her way through a stop motion dream sequence of colour. See the campaign online at

Target Every Colour You Can Dream Of commercial

A young woman dreams of floating through clouds of pillows, swimming in water, flying behind a sheet kite, interacting with her younger self and meeting her soul mate. The whole experience is caught in a series of still shots filmed from above, providing a colourful, dreamlike journey of animated visual magic.

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube


Click on the image below to play the 2010 video in YouTube


The Target Colour campaign was developed at The Campaign Palace, Melbourne, by creative directors Gerhard Myburgh and Brent Liebenberg, creatives Jacqui Paterson and Jessica Harold, agency producer Fiona Gillies, account manager Jayne Driver, Georgie Brown and Laura Bathurst, marketing analysts Belinda Symes and Marianne Kevric, digital account service manager Goran Majstorovic, digital producer Nikki Bannatyne, digital creative director Nitin Mistry, developer Igor Almeida.

Filming was shot by director Dael Oates via Prodigy Films with director of photography Peter Eastgate, executive producer Jonathan Samway, animator designer Matt Doug, animators Lewis Morley and Brian Carlin. Editor was Adam Wills.

Oates described the intense production and six-day shoot as physically challenging, having to place actors and props very specifically on the 6m x 4m “canvas” to get the perfect shot for each 45-second frame. Then, having to move everything just enough, in a very short period of time, so no movements are skipped or forgotten.

Post production was done at Animal Logic.

The music is “Everything & Everyone” by Boys & Girls, a side project for Marc Bianchi of Her Space Holiday fame. Lead vocalist Annabel Feeney is joined by Ann Yu from Love Like Fire, Tracy Uba from Sugao, Matthew Shaw and Nick Andre from City Light.

Sound was mixed at Nylon Studios, Sydney.

  • begzie

    I feel like I have seen it before!!!!

    • Tio

      ma vi redtene conto che la grafica è ottima e la "sprecano" per un titolo su binari!?

  • Mark

    it’s unfair to say “Inspired by Oren Lavie’s music video for Her Morning Elegance,”

    This is blatant theft and laziness. I have no problem with ad agencies ripping work off eachother, but this is really low, stealing direct from and artist… does target realise they have paid for a rip-off?

  • Mark

    interestingly the original directors of the musci video are featured in Adnews… i think someone owes them some cash for their work or at least credit for the original idea and styling which has been used

  • Kim

    This is awesome! Would you happen to know anything about the music? Composer/song/artist?

  • josep

    Feel something strange, specially when I can watch similar ads in spain for Telefonica ADSL (

    creativity nowadays being lost ??? something new please

  • steveyK

    I am disgusted, a beautiful ad but a very disrespectful rip off of Her Morning Elegance / Oren Lavie. Advertising people scan films and artists for ideas, they are trying to live a dream of being creatives but are living in a world of purgatory. WAKE UP… Get a life and stick to your star burst designs. Thieves!!!!!

  • Lisa McLean

    Lovely ad – is that a ukulele I hear strumming away on that song? As part of a ukulele orchestra (well, more like an ensemble actually), it sure sounds like one to me!

  • harjeet

    awesome creativity and awesome work..!!!!!