Target Art Celebrates Alvin Ailey Dance

Target is celebrating 50 years of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater with “Art Celebrates”, a short film included in the ongoing design-focused “Art For All” campaign. The short film is being shown before performances of the dance company.

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Art Celebrates with Target

Filming shot on the stage of the Joan Weill Center for Dance, home of the Ailey Company in New York, was integrated with historical footage from the company’s archives. The installation continues the characteristics of the “Art for All” campaign, merging different, sometimes disparate art forms with the iconic Target bull’s eye. Target wanted ‘Art for All’ to feel like the brand in a commercial sense, but not be a commercial. I think even they were surprised by how the process of undertaking these installations ended up reinventing, refreshing and renewing the entire brand and opening their eyes as to where the brand could go.

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While a version of “Art Celebrates” will be crafted as a broadcast TV spot, the project was originally conceived as a video installation playing on multiple screens of varying sizes in huge entertainment venues.

The “Art Celebrates” installation launched in Los Angeles on March 13, and was also presented in Dallas’ Victory Park on March 26. To review the entire Catalyst Studios “Art for All” campaign, go to


The Target team behind the campaign incuded group creative manager Connie Soteropulos, group manager of media production Mark Bennett and producer Barth Ward.

The Target Art Celebrates campaign was developed at Catalyst Studios by creative director Shannon Pettini, senior designer/art director Jennifer O’Brien and director of client services Betsy Treinen.

Filming and post production was shot and created by director/chief creative Limore Shur via Eyeball with director of photography Joe Arcidiciaono and producer Jenn Pearlman, associate creative director Jim Read, head of production Muke Sullo, post producer Allison Pickard, editor Tom Downs, lead animator/compositor Johan Wiberg, lead CG Anthony Jones, CG modeler Jin Yu, junior designer Hsiang Ju Hun, rotoscoping artists Tara Jacobson, Susanne DeLorme, Connie Conradt, Ghazia Jalal, Sergei Martirosov and Jess Mireau.

Alvin Ailey staff included artistic director Judith Jamison and associate artistic director Masazumi Chaya.

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