TAC Motorcyclists on the Ride

TAC (Transport Accident Commission) in Victoria Australia is promoting road safety for motorcyclists with The Ride, an integrated advertising campaign. The new public education campaign, online at www.spokes.com.au, highlights to riders the personal risk they are exposed to every time they ride and the behaviours they can employ to reduce their risk.

TAC Spokes Bike Safety site

TAC The Ride print advertisement

TAC The Ride outdoor advertisement

TAC Executive Manager Community Relations Phil Reed said, “The TAC wants Victorian motorcyclists to understand that regardless of who is at fault in a road crash, it will be the motorcyclist who will come out second best. Independent research shows that riders are 38 times more likely than car occupants to be killed or seriously injured on the road.”

“The TAC encourages riders to make choices that reduce their risks each time they jump on their bike – whether that be by slowing down or wearing the right protective clothing. It’s up to you to reduce the risks.”

The Commercial

One seamless ride; five motorcyclists; many risky behaviours.

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The Ride campaign was developed at Grey Melbourne by executive creative director Ant Shannon, creative director/copywriter Nigel Dawson, art director Pete Becker, agency producer Sandi Gracin.

Filming was shot by director Lance Kelleher via Curious Film with producer John Rogers. Post production was done at Postmodern Sydney.