Tabaconomia Calculates Tobacco Costs

Master Comunicacao in Brazil has worked with the government of the State of Sao Paulo to develop Tabaconomia, an online campaign challenging visitors to consider the impact of their smoking habit on the economy. Online at, the site allows people to use the tabacocalculadora to calculate how much money they spend on cigarettes per year, and how much that would buy. A person who smoked two packs of Marlboros a day for the past ten years, for example, will find that spent the equivalent of a popular car. The campaign, launched on the eve of new laws restricting smoking in public places. A print advertising campaign is designed to attract visitors to the site.

Tabaconomia Car

Tabaconomia Fridge

Tabaconomia site


The Tabaconomia campaign was developed at Master Comunicacao, Sao Paulo, by creative director Flavio Waiteman, copywriter Victor Afonso, art director David Keller, photographer Alexandre Salgado at ArtLuz Studio. The site was developed by Jimmy Nisgoski.

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