Swatch Seasons Sparkle

Swatch is promoting the Seasons 2009 collection with “Sparkle”, a television commercial full of golden glitter. As each golden-silhouetted character throws their ball, a sparkly comet trail follows. An explosion of metallic glitter is released upon impact. The spot closes with a golden snowball hurling toward the camera and exploding into a shower of sparks that reveal the beautifully-lit Perles D’Encre Swatch.

Swatch Seasons Sparkle


The Sparkle ad was developed at RH Advertising by creative director Franco Reda, client director Matthew Howells, client support Paula Chapman Weston.

Filming was shot by director Harvey via Crossroads Films with producer Francesca Barnes and executive producer Carly Stone.

Colorist was Simone Grattarola at Rushes.

Post production was done at Envy, London, by lead VFX Marcus Dryden, Nuke Olivia O’Neill, VFX support and particle generation by James Knopp, 3D by Howard Bell, and producer Rachel Stones.

Music was composed by Eddie Yanez at Point Blank, London.