Surf Insects in the Snow

Unilever Asia is promoting Surf fabric conditioner in Thailand with a print advertising campaign featuring insects on white fabric as if it was snow. Ants help each other out of a tight spot. A bee makes an snow angel. A ladybug (ladybird) demonstrate cross country skiing. “The softness of Surf”.

Surf Ants print advertisement

Surf Bee print advertisement

Surf Ladybird print advertisement


Lowe Bangkok by executive creative director/art director Dominic Stallard, executive creative director/copywriter Clinton Manson, copywriter Showtika Somjid, art director Chanwichit Khuyngern and Scott Hitchcock, producers Nuch Lertviwatchai and Monrudee Aniwat, assistant producer Saronyod Kittikunwong, photographers Anuchai Secharunputong and Nok Pipattungkul, with retouching done at Remix Bangkok.

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Location Thailand Thailand

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