Super Bowl Ads in 2009

The Super Bowl, NFL’s 43rd final being played in Tampa, is one of the climaxes of the advertising year in the United States. At up to $3 million a spot, all eyes are on the advertisers’ line up and public response to the television commercials. Despite the downturn in the economy it would seem that all spaces have been filled, although the motoring and alcohol industries are not as thick on the ground as in earlier years.

Super Bowl Advertising 2009

Alcoholic Drinks

Anheuser Busch has five 30 second and two 60 second commercials booked, each of will be available to view online at Spots include Swedish Commercial with Conan O’Brien (Bryan Buckley), Meeting (Erich Joiner), Clydesdale Generations, Clydesdale Circus, Clydesdale Stick (Joe Pytka).

Heineken’s ad, “Give Yourself a Good Name” series features actor John Turturro.

Motoring Industry

At this point it appears as though the economic recession is behind the absence of Ford and General Motors. Audi’s follow up to the Godfather spot from 2008 will feature the Audi A6 sedan and Jason Statham racing through the decades. Hyundai’s sponsorship of the Kick-Off Show will supplemented with two commercials, Bosses and Contract. Toyota’s “Faces” presents the 2009 Venza SUV while “Killer Heat” puts the Tundra to the test one more time, online at and Bridgestone’s sponsorship of the Bruce Springsteen half time concert will be supplemented by two commercials, “Taters” and “Hot Item“. Castrol is presenting Castrol Edge with Grease Monkeys and Dipstick.

Online Sites’s Tips commercial helps frustrated and desperate employees know when it’s time to get a new job., known for last year’s “Plan B” ads, presents the story of David Abernathy, an amazingly talented guy who finds his confidence in choosing a car on their online services. is working with MC Hammer and announcer Ed McMahon.’s spot will feature Danica Patrick. Hulu will reveal some of the secrets behind the online video site.

Non Alcoholic Beverage

Coca Cola presents three commercials, Coke Zero’s Mean Troy, along with two spots from the Open Happiness campaign, Heist and Avatar.

Pepsico’s spots, online at, include Refresh Anthem ( singing Forever Young), Pepsi Max I’m Good, Ingredients and Monkey. Gatorade commercials will feature the “What’s G” campaign, featuring Lil’ Wayne and 16 athletes from ten sports. 3D glasses will help viewers appreciate a collection of advertisements including Pepsico’s promotion of SoBe Life Water with ballet dancing lizards and NFL players, and the Dreamworks film Monsters vs Aliens.


Pepsico’s Frito-Lay Cheetos features Chester the Cheetah. Denny’s Thug ad for the real breakfast will feature the voice of Burt Reynolds. Taco Bell’s Spicy Chicken Enchilada Platter will feature a fast forward restaurant experience. Kellogg will publicise the Frosted Flakes “Earn Your Stripes” program in which football fields are renovated.

Finance and Insurance

E Trade is bringing back the talking baby, this year with a Twitter account: etradebaby. H&R Block will use Abe Vigoda (Barney Miller) to demonstrate that there is nothing more certain than death and taxes. Nationwide this year features Dale Earnhardt Jr. and JR Motorsports. Ameriquest, a popular advertiser in the past, has of course disappeared in the smoke of the sub prime crisis.

General Electric (GE) has a Scarecrow promoting Smart Grid technology. NFL is working with Joe Pytka to present commercials featuring the stories of football players. Sprint presents a commercial promoting Nextel Direct Connect with a roadie-run airline. Teleflora presents flowers in a bouquet rather than in a box. Pedigree introduces us to crazy pets. Universal Orlando Resort is previewing its special deal spot on the Orlando Sentinel’s web site.

Movie Trailers

Movie promotions will include Paramount’s Transformers 2, Star Trek and GI Joe, Sony Pictures’ The Year One, Angels and Demons, Disney’s Race to Witch Mountain, Pixar’s “Upalong”, and features from Universal Pictures.

Covering the Advertisements

We’ll be writing up the Super Bowl ads here, using the Super Bowl tag. In addition you can read all about the game’s commercials at SuperBowl Ads Fanhouse, Spike TV, Adland, with a Twitter feed,, YouTube’s Adblitz.

Twitter users are invited to use the tag #superads09 to be fed into streams hosted by the likes of Adrants’s powered Twitter stream. Adfreak has chosen nine commentators for their Twitter stream.

Thanks to Advertising Age.

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