Sun Media Size With Precision

Sun Media Communications is Canada’s largest newspaper publisher whose stated business purpose is to help connect and build better communities. With 43 paid-circulation and free dailies in Canada’s key urban markets and more than 200 community publications, Sun Media’s English- and French-language papers are leaders in providing local news and information to more than 10.5 million readers every week. A pair of print advertisements featuring large athletes, on a pommel horse and diving, picks something of the power provided by size, along with the precision made possible at local levels. “Size is nothing without precision”.

Sun Media Pommel Horse print advertisement

“Size is nothing without precision. No other media tool combines circulation size and the precision of customized media options.”

Sun Media Diver print advertisement


The Sun Media campaign was developed at Marshall Fenn Communications, Toronto, by creative director/copywriter James Dunlop, art director Steven Kim, and photographer Philip Rostron.