Summer X Games Fifteen

ESPN promoted the Summer X Games 15 in Los Angeles this year with a series of fireworks-inspired extreme action sports commercials, print advertisements and interactive elements, picking up the energy associated with the games. Held between July 30 and August 2, the games feature new tricks in skateboarding, motocross, car racing and stunt riding.

Summer X Games Car

Bigger Bang

Skateboarders have one shot to ignite each others vision, with lit fuses attached. Who’s going to make the biggest bang? Music is “Digital Haircut” by Canadian group DD/MM/YYYY.

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Moto X stunt rider Kyle rider has invented his own form of fireworks. Music is “Woof Woof” by American electronica musician Dan Deacon.

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Pastrana Times Ten

Rally driver Travis Pastrana appears to be racing himself. “I set these firecrackers off over and over in my head”. During the actual games Travis Pastrana fell while attempting a Rodeo 720 in Moto Cross best trick. Music is “1” by Three Trapped Tigers.

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The Summer X Games Fifteen campaign was developed at The Martin Agency by creative director Rob Schapiro, copywriter Dave Gibson, art director Michael Carpenter, strategic planner Rad Tollett, account director Steve Sanders, agency broadcast producer Darbi Fretwell, agency assistant producer Rebecca Gricus.

The commercials were produced at Superfad by creative director Robert Rugan, CG supervisors Michael Wharton, art director Andrew Stubbs Johnston, executive producer Geraint Owen, head of production Amy Selwocki and line producer Barry Gilbert, print designers Kinda Akash, Patrick Arrington, Pierce Gibson, Andrew Stubbs Johnston, Robert Rugan, animators Patrick Arrington, Dan Savage Rotoscope Artists & Compositors: Quentin Below, Fuchun Chu, Chris Lohouse, Ann Sankosik, Adrian Winter, CG senior animator/lighting specialist Todd Alan Peleg, CG modeler/tracker/Particle FX/animation team David Alonso, Justin Burton, Ryan Chen, Domel Libid, Angel Negron, Dave Thomlison, editors Brenton Gregory-Morley and Johnathon Vitagliano.

Sound was designed at Rainmaker Studios by engineers Jeff McManus, Mike O’Connor, and mixed by Jeff McManus.