Subaru Crowd Rider All 4 The Driver

Subaru’s latest brand campaign in Australia, “Crowd”, features customers riding on the shoulders of Subaru employees through the streets of Kiev and the country roads of Crimea in the south of Ukraine. The ad is part of the “All 4 The Driver” campaign, which also includes posters, press, online and experiential advertising. The effort was inspired by the ‚Äúsimple truth that Subaru are egalitarian in the way they make their cars, and put all their best technology in every car they make, not just marquee models.

Subaru Crowd Rider

From parking lots, to rainy streets, and country dirt roads, the film takes us through the variety of conditions that make Subaru’s all wheel drive so successful. When an entire company unites behind a single goal and puts symmetrical all wheel drive in every car they make, you experience a drive unlike any other.

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The Subaru Crowd Rider ad was developed at Leo Burnett, Sydney, by executive creative director Andy DiLallo, executive creative director Jau Benjamin, general manager Peter Fitzhardinge, senior creative Gary Dawson, executive producer Adrian Shapiro, business director Tamara Klemich.

Filming was shot by director Steve Rogers via Revolver, Sydney, with executive producer Michael Ritchie, producer Georgina Wilson and director of photography Greig Fraser.

Editor was Alexandre de Franceschi at Guillotine, Sydney, with production designer Steven Jones-Evans.

Post production was done at Animal Logic. The majority of shots were accomplished practically with a variety of rigs transporting the drivers above the heads of the crowd. Once the plates were back the in the studio, the Animal Logic team began the extensive process of removing all hints of rigging and wires, ultimately giving the illusion that the drivers were carried effortlessly over the crowd. Animal Logic used Massive software to tackle the task of filling the streets with thousands of people, employing a mixture of crowd duplication and digital doubles.

Sound was designed by Simon Kane at Song Zu, Sydney. Music was composed at Soundtree, London, and performed by College Choir.

Service production was provided by Radioaktive Film, Kiev.