Strongbow Final Push for Hard Earned Bowtime

Scottish & Newcastle borrows a scene from Mel Gibson’s Braveheart in “Final Push”, their latest TV advert for Strongbow cider. An army of workers gathers on a hilltop ready for the day’s battle, stirred up by their leader as he reminds them what they’re there for.

Strongbow Bowtime TV advert

The Strongbow drinker works hard for a living, and believes in the importance of honest rewards for an honest day’s work. For them, a pint of Strongbow at the end of the working day tastes better because they’ve earned it. They know that not everyone shares these values – society seems to glorify reality TV stars, and bankers have made fortunes while losing millions of ordinary people’s money. Here’s a campaign recovering the role of workers as heroes.

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Bowtime was developed at St. Lukes, London by creative directors Julian Vizard and Alan Young, and agency producer Jessie Middleton.

Filming was shot by director James Rouse via Outsider with director of photography Alex Melman and producer Benji Howell. Editor was Art Jones at Work Post.

Post production was done at Moving Picture Company by producer Chris Allen, VFX supervisors Jim Radford, Vicky Osborn and Guy Elson, and colourist Paul Harrison. 3D VFX Team: James Bailey, Kieran Belshaw, Anthony Bloor, Will Broadbent, Jason Brown, Robin Carlisle, Kuldip Dail, Daniel Elliott, Adam Leary, Vicky Osborn, Charlotte Tyson. 2D VFX Team: Kelly Bruce, Tswala Duncan, Guy Elson, Jason Hayes, Marcus Moffatt, Owen Williams.