Stihl Deals with Small Print

Stihl has produced a follow up to the October 2008 “Economy Got You Down” campaign, with three print advertisements dealing with what appear to be printed newspaper stories.

Stihl Trimmer Text ad

Engineered to give every job a professional-looking finish. STIHL grass trimmers are designed to give you long-lasting value with a reliable edge. Engineered with smooth-starting, low-emission engines, they give you the power to do more. You can find them exclusively at more than 8,000 independent dealers nationwide. People who service what they sell and can help you make a smart buying decision—from first start to great-looking finish.

Stihl Blower Text ad

Had enough bad news? STIHL can change that. From home to professional use, STIHL blowers and shredder vacs give you increased performance and value with decreased noise, emissions and fuel costs. Want more good news? STIHL’s national network of 8,000 independent dealers provide the know-how and service you need. For the power to do more, with a tool that’s made to last, look to STIHL and our way of clearing things up.

Stihl Chainsaw Text ad

Made for professional loggers, landscapers, homeowners, construction workers, farmers, firefighters. . . and long-winded writers. What can you expect from the number one selling brand of chain saws worldwide? Start with legendary design, reliable performance and long-lasting value. Plus innovations like reduced-emission engine technology and the toolless Quick Chain Adjuster. Best of all there’s the nationwide network of 8,000 independent STIHL dealers who service what they sell to help you do more—no matter what it is you do for a living.


The Stihl campaign, launched in March 2009, was developed at Winsper, Boston, USA, by creative director/copywriter Steve Bautista, art directors Brian Fandetti, Mitch Lunsford, copywriter Chris Lee, photographer Ed James, with retouching by Stuart Callow, Act Two Um.

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