Stella Artois Movie Posters by Robert McGinnis

Stella Artois continues its movie-related Smooth Originals promotion for the 4% range of beers with “La Nouvelle”, a set of posters designed by Robert McGinnis. (See my earlier post on the Smooth Originals campaign). McGinnis, an American illustrator, is known for his paperback covers from the 1960s as well as work on classic posters for films including Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Barbarella, Live and Let Die, and Thunderball.

Stella Artois 4 La Nouvelle Seaplane movie poster by William McGinnis

Stella Artois 4 La Nouvelle Piano movie poster by William McGinnis


The Smooth Originals campaign was developed at Mother London by creative directors Robert Saville and Mark Waites, creative directors/copywriters/art directors Gustavo Sousa and Augusto Sola, copywriters/art directors John Cherry, Rodrigo Saavedra, Lars Holthe, Johan Baettig, agency producer Richard Firminger, account supervisor Carole Smila.

“Because Stella Artois 4% lives in the 60s Riviera, we tried to make the work look as genuine as possible, so it becomes a homage to that era rather than just a parody of it,” say Gustavo Sousa and Rodrigo Saavedra at Mother. “Robert McGinnis is undoubtedly the best film poster illustrator of the 60s, and probably one of the best poster designers ever, so it wasn’t a hard choice. In fact, we had been referencing his posters when we started looking for illustrators, but we thought he was retired. Eventually we thought ‘what if we try it?’, and we decided to give him a call. Like we expected, he was retired, but to our suprise he told us he was willing to come out of retirement to do this project.”

Creative Review in the UK features a range of McGinnis’s preliminary pencil sketches for the Stella Artois campaign as submitted to Mother London.

McGinnis is the subject of a documentary film, Robert McGinnis: Painting the Last Rose of Summer, by Paul Jilbert. View the trailer here and order the DVD online at

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