Stefan The Swopper

Posten, the Swedish postal service, worked with Akestam Holst to launch “Stefan the Swopper”, an interactive campaign designed to stimulate the posting of parcels and increase the knowledge about Posten’s services among youth. The challenge was to connect with the market without spending one penny on media. The solution was Stefan the Swopper, a 28 years old lifestyle artist from Stockholm who was sick and tired of all his belongings and therefore decided to swap them. Everything from his apartment to toothbrush had to go during the month of December 2008. The campaign won a Gold Cyber Lion at Cannes International Advertising Festival, a Silver Pencil at the One Show Interactive, and a Golden Egg in the Swedish award show, Guldagget.

Stefan the Swopper site

Stefan The Swopper was launched at, with a free Blogger site, Flickr channel, Twitter channel, Facebook page, Vimeo channel and YouTube channel, to deployed and spread Stefan’s message.

Stefan the Swopper site

The site had more than 4 million visits (population in Sweden is 9 million). The campaign was covered by some of Sweden’s largest daily newspapers, national TV-channels, all of this without spending a penny on media. In total 1750 different possible swaps were uploaded onto The average time on the site was 15 minutes, with a 70% revisit statistic.

In order for Stefan to succeed with his swopping campaign, he required well functioning logistics, that’s why The Swedish Post Office sponsored Stefan with boxes and postage, so he could send all of these valuable possessions.

Retro Clock

Stefan’s first video…

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Stefan the Swopper campaign was developed at Akestam Holst, Stockholm, Sweden, by creative director Andreas Ullenius, copywriters Joakim Labraaten and Hugo Nissar, art directors Petra Albrektson and Julia Nordlund, interactive director Paul Collins, account executive Goran Akestam, account director Sara Clewemar, account manager Lisa Malmros, web producer Sofia Swedenborg, AD assistants Ebba Hult and Mattias Nygard.

Filming was produced at From Stockholm With Love.

PR was provided by Alexander Culafic at Kollektivet Livet and Claes Dehlin at 88 Grade. Posten staff were Marta Tiberg, Jonas Brodén and Anette Eriksson.

Stefan Kits is as a Swedish performance artist. Hailing from Stockholm, he started early to put himself in challenging situations and has never really stopped. Whether he’s hatching an egg, skiing narrow coloirs, doing massive cliff hucks or balacing on exotic waves it’s the kick from going through with something all the way that keeps him going. Common grounds for every project is that inexhaustible urge to continuously test limits and of course, pure skills! And so far, no limits or lack of skills have occurred.