Starburst Rejuiced Left Over Sugar

Starburst confectionery in Australia has a product line for people who are looking for treats that make them feel less guilty: Starburst Re-Juiced with 30% less sugar. The product was launched in an integrated advertising campaign using actual bags of sugar.

Starburst Re-Juiced Left Over Sugar packet

Melbourne agency Clemenger BBDO were given the brief of telling people that Starburst Re-Juiced had 30% less sugar, and communicating this using an innovative idea that would cut through the clutter of “Less Guilty” messages. They decided to demonstrate the sugar that was removed by creating Starburst Re-Juiced Leftover Sugar. Thousands of sugar bags were produced and customers were encouraged to visit to claim their free 250 gm bag. A staggering 600,000 sugar sticks were also produced and distributed via both independently owned and university cafes.

Starburst Re-Juiced Left Over Sugar packet

In addition to generating awareness of the product through an innovative use of paid media, the campaign grew organically through the idea of free sugar. There was direct traffic to from those who ahd seen teh outdoor, but in addition, visitors to the site came from hundreds of different referal web pages. Consumers splashed images of the free leftover sugar across online forums, which brought pricessless exposure for a new product. The sugar ran out weeks before the media finished, and traffic continues to flow to to this day, making it Starburst’s biggest campaign launch in five years.


The Rejuiced Left Over Sugar campaign was developed for Masterfoods by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, by executive creative director James McGrath, creative directors Emma Hill and Cameron Hoelter, art director Russell Fox and copywriter Ant White.

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