Spielzeugland Toyland in Germany

Spielzeugland, (Toyland) has been awarded Best Short Film (Live) at the 2009 Academy Awards. Filmed by director and producer Jochen Alexander Freydank, the 13:50 35 mm German language film tells the story of a boy trying to come to terms with the deportation of his Jewish neighbours in 1942 Germany. Spielzeugland is an exciting and highly emotional film about guilt, responsibility, small and large lies in Nazi Germany.

Spielzeugland table conversation

Marianne Meissner (Julia J├Ąger) has over time interacted with her Jewish neighbours, the Silbersteins. Her son Heinrich (Cedric Eich) is best friends with young David Silberstein. When the Silbertseins are put on a train to go a concentration camp, Heinrich wants to know where they’ve gone. Marianne tells him they’ve been sent to Toyland.


Filming was shot by director/producer Jochen Alexander Freydank via Mephisto Film, Berlin, with co-writer Johann A. Bunners, director of photography Christoph “Cico” Nicolaisen, editor Anna Kappelmann, sound designer Martin Hertel, with music by Ingo Ludwig Frenzel. See Ingo’s site for a quicktime excerpt from the film. See more credits and photographs from behind the scenes at Mephisto.

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