Sony Bravia in Motion with Kaka

Fallon London’s latest promotion of the Sony Bravia features the Bravia-drome, the world’s biggest ever zoetrope built in Venaria, a town near Turin in northern Italy. Online at, the campaign has built momentum over months as witnesses observe the building of the machine. Venaria residents were able to witness the filming of the latest television commercial with soccer star Kaka.

Sony Bravia In Motion

Brazilian and AC Milan football star Kaká, has skills presented in the Bravia-Drome, 10 metres across, weighing 10 tonnes and spinning at 44 km/h. It’s all about demonstrating the world’s first Motionflow 200Hz technology delivering the ‘smoothest action ever’ on the Bravia Z4500. By quadrupling the frame rate, our brains no longer have to guess what’s happening between frames because all the information for perceiving crisp, smooth motion is provided by the TV.

The Bravia in Motion YouTube channel has updates on the project, including news about the TV ad, interviews with the production team, technical details on the Motionflow technology and information on Kaka’s involvement. Sony has photographs from behind the scenes of the latest TV advertisement at Flickr.

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The Bravia in Motion campaign is being developed at Fallon London by executive creative director Richard Flintham, creative directors Graham Storey and Phil Cockrell. agemcy producer Tracy Stokes.

Filming was shot by Vernie Young via RSA Films and Eponymous with director of photography Mattias Montero, producer Emma Cairns and executive producer Matthew Fone.

Click on the image below to play the video.

“I want to create an air of anticipation amongst the watching TV audience,” says director Vernie Yeung. “This is achieved by initially revealing some of the smaller details of the structure, then showing it in its entirety to demonstrate the sheer size and scale of the BRAVIA-drome and finally giving the viewer a glimpse of its surroundings. The suspense builds until the perfectly smooth images of Kaká showcasing his amazing skills are unveiled. This advert is a unique event, demonstrated by the look of sheer awe and amazement on the faces of the watching public.”

The Zoetrope was designed by Ben Scott. Zoetrope VFX were produced by Artem.

Editor was Joe Guest at Final Cut. Post production was done at The Moving Picture Company. Sound was designed by Parv Thind at Wave Studios, London.

Music is by English rock band Kasabian.

via Creative Review and Tom at AdHunt