Soleterre Feeding The Children

Soleterre ONLUS is a non-profit humanitarian association working both in Italy and abroad to advocate for human rights and provide health and education services and food, mainly to children and women in conditions of desperate poverty. The current focus of the organisation is on two African countries where on average six percent of children die in their first month of life, the Ivory Coast and Sierra Leone. An advertising campaign has been launched with the tag line, “Every child should be allowed to make a child”, “Ogni Bambino Dovrebbe Poter Fare Il Bambino”. This poster, developed at JWT Milan, along with the Soleterre website, is intended to raise awareness about the problems of the two African states and raise funds for development projects there. The press and poster campaign was awarded a bronze in the Italian ADCI Awards 2009 (Art Directors Club Italia). See also the poster in Italian and the Soleterre YouTube channel.

Soleterre Children poster


The poster campaign was developed at JWT Italy, Milan, by executive creative director Pietro Maestri, creative director Bruno Bertelli, art director Stefano Carli Ballola, copywriter Cristiano Tonnarelli with photoraphy from Zona 13.