Snickers Squirrels More Nuts in Russia

Mars in Russia launched a limited edition of the Snickers bar in Russia called Snickers More Nuts, with advertising aimed at teenage boys target marget. BBDO Moscow focused the advertising campaign on the concept, “There are so many nuts in Snickers More Nuts that squirrels, being great nuts lovers, freak out with astonishment”. The campaign won a Golden Hammer and a Golden Drum award.

Snickers Squirrels

A 20 second television commercial was launched with support from cityformats at bus shelters (light boxes with automatically changing pictures).

Click on the image below to play the video.

The Squirrels (белка) campaign developed with teams in squirrels costumes playing tricks with the cityformats around Moscow. Twelve “self-made” videos of the squirrels reacting to the Snickers posters were shot and thrown onto the internet on the Moscow Squirrels YouTube channel. Teens soon got the idea and started making their own versions to be shared on the internet.

Click on the image below to play the video.


BBDO Moscow by art director Andrey Ivanov and copywriter Nikolay Megvelidze, accoutn supervisor Olesya Shepelrva and agency producer Medea Arshba.

Post production was done at Ulitka by VFX supervisor Evgeny Barulin, 3D lead animator Denis Alymov, 3D animators Olga Novikova, Tatyana Kuznetsova, Karen Asatryan, 3D lead artist Evgeny Gittsigrat, 3D artists Aleksandr Sknarin, Ilya Vostrov, Evgeny Barulin, digital compositors Vladimir Sofronov and Dmitry Shumkin, researcher/developer Dmitry Robustov, producers Angela Petrosyan, Andrey Emelianov, Garry Simonyan.

Music is by Georgian composer Giya Kancheli (Гия Канчели), from the soundtrack to the 1986 movie Kin-Dza-Dza.

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