Smirnoff Started With a Mule

Smirnoff Australia has relaunched the Moscow Mule in Australia through an interactive campaign with a film noir touch. It Started With A Mule takes us back to the 1941 when the Moscow Mule, a mixture of vodka, ginger beer and fresh lime, was invented in a Sunset Boulevard bar, Los Angeles.

Smirnoff It Started With A Mule entry

It Started with a Mule leads visitors into a classic Hollywood mystery. Who has kidnapped Ginger? Was it the Russian? The Limey? As the lead character Ross Smirnoff do you have it what it takes to save Ginger? You have to dodge traffic as you chase the kidnappers, look around the town and chat to Ray at the Cock and Bull, track down the Russian. Ultimately you’ll rendezvous with Ginger and Lime to produce the Smirnoff Mule.

Click on the image below to play the video.

Play the game online at See the It Started with a Mule Facebook group.


Smirnoff’s It Started with a Mule campaign was developed for Diageo at Amnesia Razorfish by executive creative director Iain McDonald
creative leads Tomislav Vuijieka and Sandor Moldan, art director Toby Caves, screen writers Sandor Moldan and Irving Gregory, account managers Brooke Blakslee and Terry Carney, and game designer Sandor Moldan.

Film crew were Zig Parker (sound), Peter Kirk, Raphael Lamotta, Dana Diaz-Tutaan (camera). Post production was done by Anne Lioe and Sandor Moldan.

Working on the site were 3D animator Sandor Moldan, Flash lead Boris Etingof, Flash team Jonathan Nguyen Dey, Stephen Dean, Drew Foehn, .net backend engineer Jack Ukleja and front-end HTML engineer Reynold Ismail.

Providing design support were Dan Szczechowicz, Matthew Smith, Carlo Esperat, Jason Dy, and Lizzie Joyce.

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