Sisal Playing is Fun

Sisal, an Italian gambling company, is running a print and online advertising campaign designed to promote responsible gaming. Gioca il giusto (Play Right) is designed to show that gambling is to be played with common sense, not overdone, to prevent games turning into compulsive behaviour. The campaign is being rolled out, the company says, as part of the company’s duty as a licensee of the state and as an expression of professional ethics. Ads featuring hop scotch, a margherita daisy, billiards and a rubber duck provide tips for safe playing, and a guide to the signs and indications of gambling addiction. Every game has its specific rules, but there is one specific rule for every game, knowing when to stop. Excess can ruin everything, even the most innocent games.

Sisal Hop Scotch

Sisal Billiards
Sisal Rubber Duck
Sisal Margherita


The Sisal campaign was developed at Grey Milan by executive creative director Francesco Emiliani, head of art/art director Francesco Fallisi, art director Andrea Pioppi, copywriters Claudia Bavelloni, Livia Cappelletti, account manager Germano Guerriero, account executive Romina Cattaneo, art buyer Virginia Salvucci, photographer Giacomo Biagi via photography agency DV Milano.