Showoff because there are already enough ways to kill your idea

Showwoff Films in Lisbon, Portugal, present themselves as the film production company for creatives who are worried about having their idea killed. “Because there are already enough ways to kill your idea.” Images are used to portray threats to innocent ideas: creative reviews (shark), global brand guidelines (syringe), legal department recommendation (iceberg vs Titanic), client thinks he’s creative (Jason), new creative director (cat), budget (guillotine vs Marie Antoinette), new marketing manager (big bad wolf vs ), ideas sent by email (toilet), same idea in archive magazine (Beatles), creative director’s input (Julius Caesar vs plotters), client in a bad mood (Twin Towers vs Osama Bin Laden), global brand deadline (Amy Winehouse vs drugs), focus group (Jesus vs Roman guards), client feedback (African American vs Klu Klux Klan), rebrief (baby seal vs sealers), and air date deadline (James Dean vs car).

Showoff Iceberg Titanic print advertisement

Showoff Films Jaws Shark print advertisement
Showoff Films Jason print advertisement
Showoff Cat print advertisement
Showoff Marie Antoinette and Guillotine print advertisement
Showoff Red Riding Hood and Wolf print advertisement
Showoff Goldfish Bowl and Toilet print advertisement
Showoff Beatles and Yoko Ono print advertisement
Showoff Jesus vs Roman guards print advertisement
Showoff Julius Caesar vs plotters print advertisement
Showoff Amy Winehouse vs drugs syringe print advertisement
Showoff Films AFrican American studying and Klu Klux Klan print advertisement
Showoff Twin Towers vs Osama Bin Laden print advertisement


The Showoff campaign was developed at Fuel Lisbon, Portugal, by creative director/art director Pedro Bexiga, creative director/copywriter Marcelo Lourenço, with illustrator Scott C. Retouching was done at SniperShot.

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  • Dave Ferrick

    Incredibly enjoyable. My only worry, and it has nothing to do with these sketches, i

  • Absolutely hysterical! Got this off of Twitter. The client that feels that she/he is creative and sending an idea over the internet are by far the funniest. Top shelf stuff…