Shiny Suds banned by People Against Dirty

Method, the People Against Dirty home cleaning products company, have got into some hot water over their “Shiny Suds” commercial. The ad was developed to express the company’s support for Household Products Labeling Acts, requiring product labels to reveal the chemicals being used. After negative responses from women about the creepy nature of their advertisement they have decided to sink the campaign.

Shiny Suds

The commercial begins as a jingle for a fictional brand of bathroom cleaner, Shiny Suds. “We’re Shiny Suds. We shine only like Shiny Suds. Shiny Suds do Shinetastic job!”. A woman appears in the bathroom, fascinated with the dancing Shiny Suds. Things turn creepy for her however when she turns up for her shower in the morning. Those Shiny Suds are still there, now toxic bubbles waiting to watch her in the shower.

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It’s one of those nightmarish situations – being watched by male voyeurs who wait, watch and make suggestive comments, while standing nude in the shower. While may have found it amusing, clearly many didn’t. Comments at Feministing and Shakespeares Sister reveal an emotional connection between this scenario and sexual assault. Clearly enough people wrote in to Method to complain that they wrote back with an apology and moved to remove all “controlled” videos from the screen and the internet.

“We sincerely apologize for any offense taken to our video. As creators of eco-friendly cleaning products, we believe people have the right to know what is inside the cleaning products they use. Our goal was to connect people to their local representatives and congress people to affect change.

“Shiny Suds” is intended to create a conversation and not to be interpreted literally. Many people aren’t aware that traditional cleaners may contain ingredients that are harmful to the environment and potentially harmful to themselves and their families. Our intention was to personify the dirty chemicals many household cleaners can leave behind through the animated bubbles, in the style of a classic cleaning commercial.

We are a values-based company, and in no way do we condone or promote harassment of any kind. We appreciate your feedback and will certainly take it into consideration. Consumer insights, such as yours, will inform future projects.”


The Shiny Suds campaign was developed Droga5 by creative chairman David Droga, executive creative director Ted Royer, copywriter Tim Gordon, art director Amanda Clelland, head of integrated production Sally-Ann Dale and agency producer Cheri Anderson.

Filming was shot by creative collective Tomorrow’s Brightest Minds, Los Angeles, via Oil Factory.

VFX were produced at Buck who have a special page dedicated to the lascivious little toxic guys. Post production was done at Absolute Post.

Sound was produced at Sound Lounge. Music was produced at Beacon Street Studios.

  • DeuxDoppel

    How long will it be before they get all the viral copies on Youtube pulled? Or will they stay and weather the storm of fury?

  • James Medley

    Actually quite funny, surprisingly funnier than expected.

  • TJ P

    i actually like the commercial a lot. I did laugh out loud.
    Don’t see why there is all the fuss. Either way, smart of the client to pull it. They look responsible but guarantee it gets more play and eyeballs.

  • Anthony Barnes

    Loafer, loafer, loafer!!!!!

  • James Cambell

    Damn funny commercial

  • Rachel

    The tag line is “when did clean become so dirty”? I am a 36 year old female and I get this commercial! What I find offensive is the people bashing it because they don’t get it. This commercial is NOT making fun of sexual abuse … give me a break! Those are “toxic bubbles”. They are acting toxic”

  • Frankie E.

    People please! If it was a man in the shower and all of the bubbles had female voices…would we be complaining? Being woman in the modeling world at one time and forced to wear bikinis and having men make crude comments about my intelligence and body..I still found the commercial funny.

  • Anissa

    Wow, it defiantly gets the point across. A little creepy, but it works.

  • I know this is really uninteresting and you really are skipping to yet another location remark