Scrabble Beautiful Word in Animation

Mattel has worked with Ogilvy & Mather Paris and Wizz, Paris, to put the award-winning Beautiful Word print advertising campaign into its animated form. Three short films show what happens when unlikely words are placed alongside each other in an exciting game of Scrabble.

Scrabble Sumo animation


A mat rolling yogi starts a series of word associations that can will end with a dancing penguin.

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A tongue, a yoyo, a donkey, an octopus in an umbrella. Where will it end?

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A Martian, a Sumo wrestler and donuts start the word game here.

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The Beautiful Word campaign was developed at Ogilvy and Mather Paris by executive creative director Chris Garbutt, copywriter Arnaud Vanhelle, Benjamin Bregeault and Mihnea Gheorghiu, art directors Antoaneta Metchanova, Alex Daff and Najin Ha, managing director Benoit de Fleurian, group director Marie-Charlotte Lafront.

Animation was produced at Wizz, Paris, by directors Irina Dakeva and Clément Dozier with Jeanspézial illustrators Maud Dardeau & Matthieu Javelle (Sumo), Edik Katykhin (Yoga) and Zbiok (Hula), 3D artist Clément Soulmagnon, graphic artists S. Filinger, M. Wothke, Gary Levesque, C. Rouge, Philippe Valette, compositor Matthieu Caulet.