Science World When You’re Scared

Science World in Vancouver, British Colombia, resorted to fear tactics in this print advertising campaign released in July. Three print advertisements suggest that learning is much more interesting when the adrenaline is running. An image of Jason from the Friday the 13th movie series, holds an eye test chart. “You see better when you’re scared.” A clown falls from a tall building. “Two most common fears: clowns and heights”. A baby with a bungee cord laughs with excitement. “Daredevils are born loving fear.” Science World. We can explain.

Science World Jason print advertisement

Science World Clown Jumping print advertisement

Science World Jason print advertisement


The Fear campaign was developed at Rethink Canada, Vancouver, Canada, by creative directors Chris Staples, Ian Grais, art director Chad Kabigting, copwriter Rob Tarry, with photography by The Orange Apple for “Bungee Baby”, and Patrick Norman for “Clown Jump” and “Jason”.