SBS Mobile Ashes Sledge Billboard

SBS coverage of the Ashes cricket series between England and Australia has been intensified with some traditional “sledging”, using a mobile billboard on a truck with provocative statements about the two teams. England invented cricket. We’re just better at it. For the 1933 Ashes series we had Bradman Ponsford & McCabe. England had sunburn. In 1948 our Ashes team was called The Invincibles. They were called England.

SBS The Ashes Truck - England Invented Cricket

The new season of UK football on Sky Sports and Sky Terrestrial networks has been kicked off with “Start of Season”, a TV advert designed to pick up the emotions felt by football fans everywhere.

SBS The Ashes Truck - England Had Sunburn

SBS The Ashes Truck - England Had Sunburn


The Cricket Truck campaign was developed at Us, Razor Group, Sydney, by creative director Josh Moore, art director Adrian Ely, copywriters Nigel Clark and David Roberts, art director Danny Wehbe, designer Louis Huosien, producer Jeff Edwards.

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