Sarah Silverman and World Hunger

American comedian Sarah Silverman has come up with her solution for ending world hunger. Known for her irreverence and Jewish background, Sarah generously reaches out to the Catholic community to show that the Pope is in fact a caped crusader with solutions to international poverty within his reach. The clip was shown on Real Time with Bill Mather.

Sarah Silverman World Hunger ad

The answer is simple. Sell the Vatican and feed every human in the world. The payback, of course, is to be measured in unbelievable and irreverent rewards.

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube


Sarah’s solution was written by Sarah Silverman, Wayne McClammy, Dan Sterling, produced at Hungry Man, Los Angeles, shot by director Wayne McClammy, with executive producer Cindy Becker, producers Caleb Dewalt and Jeff Sammon, director of photography Rhet Bear, editors Danny Jelinek and Josh Reynold.

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