Sanyo Xacti for Underwater Titanic Photo

The Sanyo Xacti CA8 waterproof HD movie camera is presented as the way to film The Titanic underwater in this print advertisement from Australia. Two divers pose on the bow of a sunken ship, recreating the classic scene from James Cameron’s 1997 movie, The Titanic.

Sanyo Titanic print advertisement


The Titanic ad was developed at Whybin\TBWA Sydney by executive creative director Garry Horner, creative director Matt Kemsley, art director Janelle Shearer, copywriter Joe Craig, photographer Adrian Cook, with retouching done by Steve York at Cream Studios.

  • anonymous

    thats horrible. to think the last people stood there were rose and jack, or people that died, its horrific.

    • Emma

      Rose and Jack actually were not real people on the titanic. They were made up to base the film around them.

  • Lakota

    That is so fake. Do you realize that the Titanic wreck is so far down in the ocean that free scuba divers would be not just crushed, but pulverized? Do you see how their hands are just the bare skin? No. That’s just so obviously not the Titanic. When the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution team, including Robert D. Ballard, discovered the wreck, they had to have a titanium plated submersible just to survive the pressure.

    • Emma

      It does look a bit fake now u cum 2 mention it :L lol and i do agree with what u have said

      • Peace

        its pretty fake 😛

    • anonymous

      Can you read? It says a sunken ship not the Titanic.

    • Ema

      It does say in the article that its not the real titanic…

  • Lakota

    Also, passengers on the Titanic were not allowed on the very tip of the bow, it was too likely they would fall. The movie wasn’t entirely correct.

    • Peace

      thast was a great movies so SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!! But it is very creppy

  • Dorottya

    It’s real titanic?

  • Vinod joshi

    A Death ship live pictures golresss

  • no body

    I think that is very disrespctful of them to do that,the titanic was not fun and people should be disapointed for disturbing the remains of the dead also people who take the tea cups,shoes,Ect…

    • Cece

      Its not the real titanic. The real titanic is so far underwater humans would get crushed under the water pressure. chill

  • uh you don’t need to know

    that’s cute. and not wrong in any way. rose and jack were not real people. but there might have been people who did that. but all in all cute picture

    • logan

      all i know is 3 people that were real on the titanic. ruth becker which was 12 years old, jack thyer who as 17, and alfred nourney who was 20

    • Damon

      Titanic is being eaten by bacteria aand the ship is falling apart, if they did do that it would be stopping the likely hood people will be able to enjoy the ship for years to come, people want it to survive as long as it can, so not cute, quite stupid

      • Bebuzz

        simmer down, it’s not real any way…that far down, people would be completely crushed

  • ChickenBeak

    This is a very wierd picture. Like Lakota said, total simulation. It also needs to be noted that the movie Titanic was not fact based but a writers’ view of what could have happened in one person’s eyes. The movie was good but shouldn’t be taken in as historically correct.

    On another note, the people that took this picture probably did not mean to be disrespectful. It is like taking a picture of the great wall or war grounds. It is a part of history that does need to be remembered.

  • Miyojin

    So Fake you can clearly see where they start and the where the ship starts in terms of editing.

    • Bob

      But this is not the Titanic. Look closely at thee bow. The article never says it is.

  • ariel

    thats inposibel to be down by the titaic its the real ship but its morft they would freeze to deth

    • logan

      they take them down in a submarine and then get out you all are idiots

      • Mehdi

        well logan, your the idiot, even if they went outside of the submarine, the pressure at that depth would crush them, and they wuld still freeze to death

      • Bebuzz

        logan……have you heard of something called pressure? try swimming to the bottom of the deep end of the pool and feel your ears pop……now imagine being at the bottom of the ocean…i think you would literally implode on yourself

      • Cece

        believe it or not WATER IS HEAVY and the titanic is so far under water, as soon as they get out, they would die. Have you even watched the fictional movie? it was all explained in the beginning

    • natalie

      Yeah i agree the waters freezing so they would die

  • mary Lyka

    eewwwwww…..arent they afraid???????oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • ayen

    awesome! great picture!

  • Lat

    Do people never read?

    They pose on a ship. It is not mentioned anywhere that they say it is the Titanic.

    As others pointed out, that would be impossible due to the depth it is in.

    Ok movie but they have even had to compensate living relatives to crewmembers for how they pictured them in the movie.



  • Duuuh

    Are you all retarded? Or just foreign?

    • James Gillespie

      Where agency are you from???

  • that might be real but its proubly not they wouldn’t have anof oxegen in there tanks

  • Dont talk to me

    This photo is fake and disrespectful, leave the dead alone..

  • Brian

    It is an actual picture of the Titanic, haven’t you ever heard of PHOTOSHOP ? I think you people are both retarded and foreign…LMAO

  • aswm

    the picturers fake even sientists need to be in a submraine to study the titanic

  • ivan

    titanic is above 3500 m under water.Man cant survive on this depth

  • Eddy Nicolay

    LoL thats Photoshop, do u have the idea of the pressure down there? They would be squashed in less than a second.

  • Liz

    obviously it is fake. Titanic is 2.5 miles down. they would basically explode, just saying. and it is very disrespectful even if it is fake. it is a real picture of the titanic, they are just photoshopped in. very inappropriate

  • samuel

    it`s on 3810 metres of depth

  • John

    You realize the caption states they are recreating the titanic. No where does it say they are posing on the sunken ship.

  • Saunak

    Whatever it is ……. i don’t care the love story is fake or real …… but i must say that the love story was reallt incredible…… means true love like this intoday’s world is quite rare……. the couple of jack & rose was really awesome & unique ….. and it will never die …. 🙂

  • zweffa

    the title says: ”a sunken ship” so not the titanic, and nobody has evar even seen the shipwreck with their own eyes.

    • Cecilie

      That’s not true. When James Cameron was creating the Titanic movie back in the 90’s he was down where the shipwreck is. Because of him, the humanity has been able to create advanced technology that allows us to go even deeper than Titanic. Of course, no human can survive at that depth (as many of you already have mentioned), but they can go down to that depth with an advanced and very stable submarine.

  • Meprovingapoint

    You can’t actually do that. There is soo much pressure down where the Titanic is that they should be squished like pancakes. They are on a different sunken ship.

  • Leah

    Anyone with a brain knows that this picture is fake. And even though the movie did not have it entirely correct, Lakota, it is a great movie like Peace said. That’s all I have to say right now.

  • Kyle Phantom

    I know that would never happen cause the water pressure would crush their heads and blood would be all spla-……losing my train of thought, but if that could happen, then thats a result of divers boredom when they are searching in the sunken ship.

  • olivija

    jo geriau saipytis negaletumete ane? bet ir jus

  • lewis

    all photo – shopped

  • Brianda

    my favorite movie is Tatinic All ready went too see it from the movie Tatinic I love you soo much the titanic moive is was good

  • Brianda

    Jack and rose there was so happy together rose (heart Jack (L)

  • Frances

    This picture is definitely photoshopped. You can see the difference between the two people and the ship.
    I’ve found the real picture, it is exactly the same:

  • james

    thats impossible, the pressure down their is 2.5 tonnes they would die

  • Debora de Lucena

    O navio que virou lenda

  • Bryan

    Whoever made this photo and revealed it as truth is such an incredible dumbass. The water pressure at that depth is 6,000 psi and I can’t even imagine how god awful cold the water would be. It would be cool to see the effects of the water on the body though.

    • Bryan the advertising agency that made this print advertisement have not claimed it is the actual Titanic.

  • Spiggs

    You are idiots.

  • lino bonnichi

    the titanic was biggest stories in 20th century!

    i love titanic very much_

  • Michael Lopez

    Do you realize that you’re focusing all on the negatives instead of the positives. The RMS (royal mail ship) Titanic was one of the only ships that actually had MORE lifeboats then what it needed and compared to the 2012 sinking of a modern day ocean liner that TIPPED and couldn’t launch a single life boat and was not as massive as the Titanic was, it looks pretty good to me that the Titanic was a safe vessel and was not weekended. The classic theory on the rivets were weaker then the steel is a bunch of bull shit thanks to the 2012 expedition that mapped the whole 15 mile wreck site. It isn’t anyone’s fault for the wreck of the Titanic, it was just an accident and there where 700 lives saved. When the Lusitania went down 3 years later, the whole boat tipped makeing lifeboats inaccessible.

  • Brittany

    some of yall r acting retarded. whats with all of the “leave the dead alone” stuff when yall wont even shut up. get a life, people.

  • Gina

    That’s most definitely a photo of the Titanic and those people are most definitely photoshopped onto it. Not only would the cold water kill them after a few minutes, they’ed have been crushed to death long before getting anywhere near that depth. It’s beyond ridiculous…

  • Don

    Max dive depth of divers using equipment seen in picture 200ft. The wreck of the titanic lies some 12,400ft below the surface. Photoshop!