Samsung Washing Machine Throws Up

The Samsung SWF338AAB washing machine is presented as the way to deal with soiled clothes in this award-winning campaign from Qatar. Shirts release mud, ink and oil in vomit form – a response to the 1,300 rpm maximum spin speed. The campaign won gold in the print section of the Dubai Lynx Awards 2009.

Samsung Oil print advertisement

Samsung Mud print advertisement

Samsung Ink print advertisement


The Samsung Vomit campaign was developed at FP7 (Fortune Promoseven) Doha by creative director Fadi Yaish, art director Supparat Thepparat, copywriter Kongpope Siriwattanagarn, with photography produced at Wizard Photography.

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  • AlexKatar

    Don’t really want to see a shirt doing that. Also is there a logo on that thing….you almost can’t see it.

  • bobo

    Hi, I am from middle east and you know what I went to Samsung shop today inspired by this amazing ad. And can you imagine my disappointment when I tell you that this model of washing machine is available only in US. How strange why would anyone advertise product that doesn’t exists in the market, is Samsung doing so great in these difficult times that they can produce campaigns for products that doesn’t exists. I don’t know abt. that but I know I was surely pissed of when I realized that I can’t get this, so I went to store near by and bought LG machine. They are not trying to sell me crap.