Samsung SSD Awesomeness Goes Viral

The Viral Factory London has hit paydirt with a video featuring Samsung’s new SSD (Solid State Drive), made by the company’s IT guy. They needed to develop a campaign that would grab the attention of people responsible for servers delivering applications such as video-on-demand, Internet data centers and online transaction processing. SSD Awesomeness was the answer.

SSD Awesomeness whiteboard

Paul the IT guy and his colleagues managed to persuade Samsung to provide 24 256GB Samsung MLC SSDs, worth a mint, and put them in RAID to make an awesome computer that could open all applications within seconds. RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks.

Click on the image below to play the video.

Paul, the 20 year old IT guy, (also known as CR3) took the next step and started a conversation in the Reddit community, with the line, “Hey Reddit – Samsung gave me 24 new SSD drives to play with. Want to see what I did?”. See his comments on the making of the video here. See also Paul’s CR3 Twitter feed.

Music is by MJ Hibbett.

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